Gel earthing electrodes

Gel Earthing Electrodes

Gel Earthing Electrodes are a type of maintenance-free earthing system that uses a mixture of conductive gel and electrolytes to create a low impedance path to the ground. The gel and electrolytes work together to reduce the resistance between the electrode and the surrounding soil, ensuring a reliable and consistent grounding solution. Gel Earthing Electrodes are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.

S.N. Model No. DIMENSIONS (mm)
Outer Pipe Inner Pipe Terminal
1 ELE-250 2000 50 32 X 6
2 ELE-280 2000 80 50 X 6
3 ELE-350 3000 50 32 X 6
4 ELE-380 3000 80 50 X 6
Material: GI

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